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JP-S60123499-A: Hexapeptide patent, JP-S60123819-A: Rotary mirror and its working device patent, JP-S60124066-A: Magnetic head positioner patent, US-2005183655-A1: Boat seat deck base patent, JP-S60124933-A: Device for vapor deposition of thin film patent, JP-S60125531-A: Temperature detecting apparatus of recording device patent, JP-S60126254-A: Manufacture of l(-)carnitine salt patent, JP-S60127606-A: Outdoor injection electric device patent, JP-S60127744-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S60129856-A: Memory control circuit patent, JP-S60129930-A: Production of magnetic recording medium patent, JP-S60130308-A: Grain discharge apparatus of thresher patent, JP-S60132135-A: Disk brake gear patent, JP-S60132553-A: Periodontal staff patent, JP-S6013264-A: Cable disconnection detecting circuit patent, JP-S60133487-A: Fixing device patent, JP-S60137051-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S6013713-A: Antitumoral patent, JP-S60137470-A: Method for controlling coated film thickness in electrostatic powder coating patent, JP-S60138436-A: Testing device for hand power tool patent, JP-S60138545-A: Photosensitive composition patent, JP-S60138760-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S60139422-A: Injection molding machine patent, JP-S60139451-A: Regulator for quantity of ink patent, JP-S60141785-A: Mud slurry composition patent, JP-S60141970-A: Dead lock patent, JP-S60142199-A: Heat exchanger unit made of ceramic patent, JP-S60143868-A: Process and apparatus for preparing sheetlike article patent, JP-S60144858-A: Bus control system patent, JP-S60145303-A: Manufacture of powder metallurgical product patent, JP-S60146400-A: Analog meter control of multiple transmitter on board patent, JP-S60146920-A: Synchronous rotary joint patent, JP-S60147571-A: Ignition device patent, JP-S60147932-A: Magnetic recording medium manufacturing device patent, JP-S60149511-A: Humectant patent, JP-S60150612-A: Manufacture of coil part patent, JP-S60151604-A: Manufacture of image guide patent, JP-S60152251-A: Rotating position detector associated motor patent, JP-S60152736-A: Pumping-up and irrigation well patent, JP-S60153202-A: Reflecting plate of circularly polarized wave antenna patent, JP-S60153538-A: Input device of coordinates patent, JP-S6015355-A: Blank folding device patent, JP-S60153899-A: Automatic sewing machine with automatic cutting apparatus patent, JP-S60154302-A: Improvement of manufacture of wiring jig for video head patent, JP-S60154344-A: Tension regulator operating mechanism patent, JP-S60157877-A: Indicator for flying time of ink drip of ink jet-printer patent, JP-S601578-A: Tester for integrated circuit patent, JP-S60158723-A: Inverter circuit patent, JP-S60160048-A: Driving power transmitter patent, JP-S60161472-A: Reformed pine rosins, manufacture, use and paper sizing agent patent, JP-S60161476-A: Base for friction material patent, JP-S60162004-A: Engine valve moving mechanism with valve action stoppage appliance patent, JP-S60162858-A: Softening processing apparatus patent, JP-S60163646-A: Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus patent, JP-S60165229-A: Manufacture of bead with wrinkle patent, JP-S60165481-A: Photodetector patent, JP-S60166658-A: N-trifluoromethyl-n- nitrosotrifluoromethanesulfonamide patent, JP-S60166787-A: Rotary type compressor patent, JP-S60167512-A: Plasma connection type semiconductor device patent, JP-S60168031-A: Pressure signal processing device patent, JP-S60168404-A: Cosmetic compact equipped with freely extensible applicator and its use patent, JP-S60168582-A: Steam compression type water distillation apparatus patent, JP-S60170593-A: Foil-shaped brazing filler metal for brazing al or al alloy patent, JP-S60170924-A: Laminated ceramic condenser patent, JP-S60171264-A: Ceramic structural part and manufacture patent, JP-S60172038-A: Image receiving material for silver salt diffusion transfer patent, JP-S60172549-A: Printer patent, JP-S60174901-A: Sliding calipers with dial gage patent, JP-S60176891-A: Posture control unit for submersible apparatus with cable patent, JP-S60178497-A: Musical sound adjusting operator for electronic musical instrument patent, JP-S60178551-A: Address conversion buffer control system patent, JP-S60179838-A: Adjustable buffer unit for communicating data in data processing system patent, JP-S60180209-A: Variable gain amplifier circuit patent, JP-S6018026-A: Inverter circuit for power line carrier patent, JP-S60180495-A: Commutatorless motor using hall element patent, JP-S6018060-A: Scanner patent, JP-S60180637-A: Manufacture of high strength al-zn-mg aluminum-alloy forging material excellent in resistance to stress-corrosion cracking patent, JP-S60182233-A: Mobile communication system patent, JP-S60182613-A: Method of producing conductive film laminate patent, JP-S6018358-A: Magnetic printer patent, JP-S60183734-A: Bonding apparatus patent, JP-S60184028-A: Production of alcohol patent, JP-S60184839-A: Laminate patent, JP-S60184986-A: Rotary compressor patent, JP-S60185017-A: Air loading type control method of furnace pressure patent, JP-S60185636-A: Power selector for four-wheel drive vehicle patent, JP-S60187282-A: Vector controller of induction motor patent, JP-S60187427-A: Device for continuously forming spiral tubular structure to which beltlike material is moored patent, JP-S60189191-A: Device for firing discharge lamp patent, JP-S60189242-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S6018999-A: Method of taping semiconductor device patent, JP-S60190279-A: Cleaner for luminaire in tunnel patent, JP-S60191053-A: Pyroelectric type infrared ray decting element patent, JP-S60191220-A: Reflecting optical system patent, JP-S6019195-A: Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display patent, JP-S60192169-A: Ring seal patent, JP-S60192649-A: Typewriter patent, JP-S60192972-A: Image recording method patent, JP-S60194035-A: Corrosion resistant copper alloy patent, JP-S60194332-A: Optical inspection method 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