Magnetic head positioner


PURPOSE:To reduce step error and to improve the overall accuracy with a magnetic head positioner by forming a proper slender shape for a coupling part between a screw shaft of a step actuator and a floppy disk. CONSTITUTION:A male screw part 16 of a lead screw shaft (c) is fitted to a female screw part 14 of a rotor (b) and also moves reciprocatively within a gap 18 inside the part (b). It is desirable to apply a cutting process to an easy-to-cut brass by an NC lathe, etc. with high pitch accuracy and in consideration of the mass productivity. A stator part (d) is set outside a rotor magnet 12 and between an attachment plate 2 and a cover 4 and consists of two pairs of magnetic pole plates 20 and 22 which contain coils 24 and 26 respectively. The rigidity is reduced at a coupling part 17 between a floppy disk attachment part 28 at the end part of the shaft (c) and a lead screw part to reduce the step error during one rotation of the rotor (b). Thus the overall step accuracy R is improved.




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