Device for vapor deposition of thin film


PURPOSE:To improve the efficiency of vapor deposition by directing a substance to be deposited which does not reach a substrate to the substrate by providing revaporizing means above electrodes in the cluster ion beam vapor deposition device wherein a crucible containing the substance to be deposited is arranged in a vacuum tank composing said device and the substance is made into cluster ions by ionizing means and are accelerated by accelerating electrodes and a thin film is produced by bombardment of the ions against a surface of the substrate. CONSTITUTION:A crucible 4 comprising a nozzle 4a on its top and around a periphery of which filaments 6 for bombardment is wound is arranged in a vacuum tank 1 having an exhaust path 2 at the bottom by support of insulating support members 19 and 20. The crucible contains zinc 5 and these are surrounded by a heat shielding plate 7. Next, ionizing means 12 and accelerating electrodes 14 are arranged above the crucible 4 and a vaporized metal jetting out from the crucible 4 is changed into cluster ions 15 and excited cluster ions 16 which are bombarded against a surface of a substrate 18 arranged oppositely to each other. At this time, vaporizing means 30 which are cylindrical similarly and comprise high-temperature walls above the electrodes 14 and metal 5' adhering to these means are revaporized to direct it to the substrate 18.




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