Temperature detecting apparatus of recording device


PURPOSE:To detect temp. information at plural places in a recording device with simple constitution by bringing one part of a thermocouple temp. sensor in contact with each other at a prescribed position in the recording device and detecting the temp. information at the prescribed position. CONSTITUTION:The thermocouple temp. sensor 8 is composed of e.g. a chromel wire 8a an Alumel wire 8b, the top ends A of both wires 8a, 8b are joined near a surface of a heating roller 1, both wires are made contactable by a contacting mechanism 10 at an arbitrary point B where the detection of the temp. in the device is wished, and the other ends are connected to a controller circuit 9. The mechanism 10 is composed of a solenoid 10a, an actuator 10b, a spring 10c, a level 10d, a base 10e and a contacting plate 11. Since if a temp. detecting button is pushed, both wires 8a, 8b contact at the point B through the mechanism 10, and a surrounding temp. T2 at the point B is detected, the temp. information at plural positions can be obtained with simple constitution.




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