Production of magnetic recording medium


PURPOSE: To enable execution of the succeeding treatment (for example, coating of a back coat layer, slitting), etc. without post curing after coating by adding an acetylacetone complex salt as a curing accelerator together with the essential magnetic power, binder, and curing agent into a magnetic paint. CONSTITUTION: A magnetic paint contg. magnetic power, binder, curing agent and a curing accelerator consisting of an acetylacetone complex salt is coated on a base and is cured and thereafter the magnetic layer is subjected to the following treatment without post during: The acetylacetone complex salt has the effect of accelerating curing reaction of the essential multifunctional isocyanate curing agent (binder component) and curing the magnetic layer in short time by reacting with said curing agent. Since the curing ends right after calendering, the magnetic layer free from deterioration in durability and electrical characteristic is formed without the process for post curing and the integrated continuous production without the post curing stage is made possible. The remarkable improvement in productivity is thus resulted. COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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