Fixing device


PURPOSE:To perform secure control by detecting the temperature of a body to be fixed during a discharge halt period. CONSTITUTION:Infrared rays from the object 5 to be fixed are detected by an infrared-ray sensor 11 between discharging periods when there is no influence from a flash discharge lamp 1. A relay 13 has its changeover contact interposed between a flash discharge power source 2 and a power source 10, and when the infrared rays from the object 5 exceed a specific value set according to the temperature at which the object 5 starts burning, a relay 13 is energized to turn off the changeover contact during said period, thereby disconnecting the flash discharge power source 2 and power source 10. Consequently, the real temperature of the object 5 during a fixing process is detected without any influence of the flash discharge lamp 1 to secure the control, and the object 5 is prevented from burning by being irradiated with flash light for longer than a necessary time owing to a jam.




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