Semiconductor device


PURPOSE:To prevent the electrostatic damage of an integrated circuit element by forming resistance wirings of polysilicon for forming a semiconductor substrate in a 2-layer structure to double an input protective resistance without increasing the occupying area to the substrate. CONSTITUTION:A resistance wiring layer 21 of the first layer of polysilicon is patterned in a length that the entire resistance value becomes approx. 1kOMEGA on the surface of a field oxide film 12 formed on a region in which circuit elements are not formed in a semiconductor srubstrate 11. The first insulating film 22 is formed on the surface of the film 12 which includes the layer 21, and a contacting hole 23 corresponding to one end of the wirings 21 is formed at the film 22. A resistance wiring layer 24 of the second layer of polysilicon is laminated on the surface of the film 22, and patterned so that the resistance value becomes approx. 1kOMEGA in response to the position of forming the layer 21.




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