Method for controlling coated film thickness in electrostatic powder coating


PURPOSE: To make uniform the thickness of a coated film at the leading and the terminal end by controlling the DC high voltage between a material to be coated and a powder coating apparatus in correspondence with the position of the leading and the terminal end part of the material to be coated in a powder zone. CONSTITUTION: When the arrival of a transported material to be coated 10 at the inlet end 7 of a powder zone 12B is detected with a detector 20, a DC voltage is generated from a high-voltage generator 16 controlled by a controller 18 in accordance with the pattern X wherein the voltage is gradually increased to a specified high voltage V 1 in the specific time T 1 corresponding to the width of the powder zone 12B. Accordingly, since the inducing force of the powder paint 14 at the leading end part 10A is controlled to increase gradually from the leading end surface 10a, the surplus sticking of the paint is prevented, and a uniform coated film thickness can be obtained. Meanwhile, when the terminal end part of the material to be coated 10 is detected, the voltage from the high voltage generator 16 is controlled to decrease gradually in the time T 2 . COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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