Photosensitive composition


PURPOSE:To prevent generation of scumming, etc. by compounding sulfonate or sulfinate or alkyl sulfate with a photosensitive compsn. consisting of an o- naphthoquinone diazide compd., free group forming compd. and discoloring agent. CONSTITUTION:A photosensitive compsn. is incorporated therein with (A) an o-naphthoquinone diazide compd., (B) a compd. forming a free group when irradiated with active light (e.g.; 2-trihalomethyl-5-vinyl-1,3,4-oxadiazole compd.), (C) a discoloring agent which changes the color tone by making the interaction with the photodecomposition product of the component B (e.g.; crystal violet) and (D) 0.05-5wt%, by the weight of the entire compsn., sulfonate (e.g.; sodium p-toluenesulfonate) or sulfinate (e.g.; sodium p-toluenesulfinate) or alkyl sulfate (e.g.; sodium lauryl sulfate), by which the intended photosensitive compsn. is obtd.




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