Magnetic recording and reproducing device


PURPOSE: To decrease the friction coefficient of a tape running system and to prevent sticking of members of the tape running system by forming a prescribed member in each member constituting the tape running system. CONSTITUTION: A titanium ceramics being a sintered body taking a TiO 2 as the major content is supplied to each member constituting the tape running system such as a rotary drum 22, back tension post 15 and tilted posts 17, 23 or the like. Since the titanium ceramics has conductivity on the surface, it has an advantage that the static electricity produced from the friction due to tape running is eliminated easily. Moreover, the wear-resistance is excellent in comparison with a metal such as Al used for a conventional drum and no deterioration of the surface is observed. Thus, no damage is caused to the magnetic tape itself. COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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