Ignition device


PURPOSE:To miniaturize the device by a method wherein a circuit constitution near an output transistor, driving an ignition coil, is improved to permit the formation of a means, preventing the output transistor or an ignition coil from being broken by a high voltage, in a monolithic IC. CONSTITUTION:The ignition device is equipped with an input signal generating unit 1, determining ignition timing, an input detecting circuit 2, shaping the waveform of an input signal and converting it into a pulse, an ON/OFF duty control circuit 3, generating a signal for determining the duties of ON-period and OFF-period of the output transistor Tr5, an output circuit 6 and a constant current control circuit 7. In this case, three sets of resistors 21-23 are connected in series between the collector of said transistor Tr5 and an earth to provide a voltage splitting circuit 20 for dividing the voltage of collector of the transistor Tr5 through resistors. The cathode of a Zenner diode 25 is connected to the series connecting point 24 of the resistors 22, 23, which are the output points of divided voltages, while the anode thereof is connected to the base of the transistor Tr5.




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