Rotating position detector associated motor


PURPOSE:To detect an accurate rotating position by associating the first resolver having the prescribed number of axial magnification angle and the second resolver which has the number of axial magnification angle larger than that of the first resolver. CONSTITUTION:A rotational shaft 48 which has a diameter smaller than that of a rotational shaft 36 which is projected into a casing 46 is coaxially extended from the shaft 36, and a rotor 52 of a resolver 50 which forms an axial magnification angle N at the shaft 48 and a rotor 56 of a resolver 54 having an axial magnification angle N+1 which is larger by 1 than that N of a resolver 50 are approached and supported to the shaft 48. The outputs of the first and second resolvers 50, 54 are inputted to a computer 62, and a rotary angle calculator 66 is connected to the output sides of a period discriminator 64 and the second resolver 54. From the above structure, the rotary position of the motor can be detected.




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