Improvement of manufacture of wiring jig for video head


PURPOSE:To attain accurate insert forming by forming a prescribed projection strip and concaved slot to a small column of a metallic die so as to attain insert forming of a long and thin piece thereby arranging each lead wire of the long and thin piece in a correct parallel pitch. CONSTITUTION:Three projected strips 4a, 4b, 4c are provided to the metallic die d2 in the small column dies d1, d2 of the metallic dies D1, D2 for insert forming of the long and thin piece into the small column part 9 of a wiring jig main body (a). The two lead wires b, b of the long and thin piece are inserted respectively into the two concaved strip slots 5a, 5b formed by them so as to attain insert forming. The lead wires b, b are arranged in a correct parallel pitch in this way, accurate insert forming is conducted and the connection of the lead wires b, b in mistake is prevented.




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