Base for friction material


PURPOSE:To provide the titled base for clutch facing, etc., having excellent friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, jadder resistance, etc., and enabling smooth clutch operation even after suspension for a long period, by compounding glass fibers, organic fibers, metallic wires and a specific friction improver at specific ratios. CONSTITUTION:The objective base can be produced by compounding (A) 20- 50(wt)% glass fiber, (B) 20-60% organic fiber (e.g. staple fiber, natural cotton, aromatic polyamide fiber, etc.), (C) 1-20% metallic wire (e.g. brass wire) and (D) 5-25% friction coefficient improver comprising a mixture obtained by mixing (i) 80-100% thermally hardened cashew shell oil, (ii) 20-0.5% solid lubricant and (iii) 10-0.5% friction coefficient improver.




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