Rotary type compressor


PURPOSE: To prevent the vibration of a discharge cover due to the pulsation of the discharged coolant by installing a discharge cover through a partitioning plate having a small hole formed onto the counter-cylinder surface of a bearing and forming a nearly conical projection at the part opposed to the small hole on the discharge cover. CONSTITUTION: The coolant compressed in a cylinder 7 is discharged into a valve chamber from a valve hole and further jetted into an expansion chamber 12a from a small passage and discharged into a discharge chamber 16a from a small hole 15. The coolant discharged from the small hole 15 transforms its form from a straight-line flow to an eddy current flow, since a projection 17 is formed onto a discharge cover 16, and the coolant collides with the discharge cover 16 at an acute angle. Therefore, even if the discharged coolant possesses a pulsation component, the discharge cover 16 is prevented from vibration. COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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