Posture control unit for submersible apparatus with cable


PURPOSE: To correct the rake of a submersible apparatus caused by a change in its speed and always hold the submersible body horizontally by comprising the mounting jig of the submersible apparatus with an endless belt and moving the fixing point of the cable depending on the angle of rake of the submersible body. CONSTITUTION: When a submersible apparatus 10 is towed right, the submersible body is tilted. A ratchet pawl 28 is always going to face downward due to its dead weight by this rake, but an attachment and detachment adjustment projection 30 fixed to the submersible body pushes the side of the pawl 28 and the pawl 28 and inner teeth 24 formed on an endless belt 18 are not engaged with each other. Therefore, the belt 18 is rotated clockwise by the force from a cable 20 while sliding along a groove 12 in a base 14 on the submersible body. As a result, the fixing point 22 of the cable 20 moves right. Besides, when the submersible body becomes parallel, since the pressing force of the protrusion 30 onto the side of the pawl 28 is extinguished, the pawl 28 is engaged with the inner teeth 24 and tabilized. Furthermore, for the rake in the reverse direction, the ratchet actuation is removed and the belt 18 is rotated counterclockwise by the force of a coil spring 32, then the submersible body is leveled. COPYRIGHT: (C)1985,JPO&Japio




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