Road line regulation device


  • Inventors: PARK, OH SOON
  • Assignees: 박오순
  • Publication Date: September 25, 2008
  • Publication Number: KR-20080086086-A


A traffic lane regulating device is provided to reduce the cost of installation and to simplify maintenance work after installation, to reduce traffic accidents by having excellent visibility and to improve the appearance of the city. A traffic lane regulating device comprises a pair of base members(10) installed to a road by an anchor bolt(11) to be placed at a certain distance along the central line of a road(1) and made of elastic material such as rubber, a fence member coupled to a pair of the base members and composed of a pair of legs(21) placed longitudinally and attached with plural high intensity reflective sheets, and a connection formed by connecting the upper part of each leg, a delineator coupled to the connection of the fence member to reflect incident light, and a coupler coupling the fence member and each base member to be separable and composed of an insertion(41) formed on the lower part of each leg, a housing(42) formed in each base member to insert each insertion, and an anti-separation member(43) coupled to the insertion to prevent the insertion from being separated from the housing in the opposite direction to the insertion direction of the insertion.
본 발명은, 설치비가 줄어들며 설치 후 유지 보수가 용이할 뿐만 아니라 시인성이 우수하여 교통사고 발생을 줄이며 나아가 도로 미관도 향상시킬 수 있도록 구조가 개선된 차선규제장치에 관한 것이다. 본 발명에 따른 차선규제장치는 탄성변형 가능한 소재로 형성되며, 상호 간에 일정 간격 이격되도록 도로에 결합되는 한 쌍의 베이스부재; 베이스부재에 각각 결합되며 상하방향으로 길게 형성되는 다리부와, 다리부 각각을 연결하는 연결부를 가지는 휀스부재; 및 휀스부재와 각 베이스부재를 상호 착탈 가능하게 결합시키는 결합수단;을 구비한다.




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